Bus advertising speaks to the masses
and unlike regular outdoor, online or
press advertising, there's no distractions
so passengers can focus on your message.

With an average journey time of between 15-45 minutes, passenger dwell time means you can
really communicate with them as they have the
time and the inclination to take in your ad.
It's a great medium for linking into online, mobile or app-based promotions.

Who's On Board?

Loads travel by bus!

We're local to Lincolnshire and we know our screens currently have the potential to reach up to *3000 local people every day, and our network is growing.
(*Approximate captive audience)

An average week day commute time is:
- Town Services: 15+ minutes
- IC Services: 40-45+ minutes

Our bus partners have a network of services between Lincoln / Boston / Spalding / Skegness and most towns and villages en-route.

Creating & Booking An Ad Space

Seriously, you don't need to be a boffin... It's simple to do!

A bit like Facebook's advertising system, simply create an account with us, decide when and how long you want your campaign to run, then simply upload your artwork.

Get creative! If you are struggling to create an
Ad and need to know what you can and can't advertise, we've created some helpful advice here.

Every Ad placed with ScreenIT will undergo a due diligence process inline with the ASA.

Sadly, any uploads found to contravene the rules will be rejected and fees will be refunded.

Your static Ad needs to be 48.2 x 27.5 cm (1820
x 1040 px) and no less than 200dpi.

If you want to book a motion TV/Ad space then simply contact us at: enquiries@screenitmedia.co.uk

We rotate the Ads every 10 seconds on the screen and then every 15 minutes we've scheduled a 'What's On Guide' and 'Recruitment' section for the region.

It's smart technology that brings your Ads to passengers, working with our own innovative GPS-based system, your Ad will automatically
be shown based on the area you've selected to advertise in.