On the move.

Location based marketing still has a great future but it demands a lot of trust from the end-user in return for free access to its products, if promotional and non subscription based, then there has to be an incentive or an option to test.

1. A majority of LBS require the end user to 'turn on' their geolocation to access the services, marketing messages and opportunities, without a precursor or pre-promo.

2. ScreenIT is the LBS communication system which lets potential users know what's happening without automatically having to switch their geolocation on, simply inviting them in... 

Whilst they're on their way there, 

before they arrive and when they arrive.

Stop by stop by stop. 

Only with SIM the end user doesn't have to enable their own geolocation from A-B.


Location Based Service

While LBS apps and platforms increasingly become part of our reality, many see them as an concern, although LBS technology enriches our mobile experiences, at the same time, it raises a major concern about privacy, since service providers are capable of continuously tracking a user’s location.

  • Navigation

  • Search and advertising

  • Infotainment

  • Tracking

  • Games and augmented reality

ScreenIT is onboard so the vehicle is the geolocation point which ties in perfectly with Geofencing, in-store mapping, and location-based advertisements as soon as the passenger disembarks. These marketing and user experience initiatives tied together all have a bright future ahead of them as more businesses, retailers, restaurants, pubic services and service providers adopt LBS technology into their mobile apps. 

The Technology


It's smart technology.


Real time communication in the real world. Our onboard geolocation enables you to reach your key audiences at relevant times and locations.


The onboard technology triggers 15-second commercials each time a bus approaches a programmed location, allowing you to engage hyper-targeted consumers as they approach retail locations.

Smart thinking, link your Advert  to your APP's, website or super targeted promotions - even AR. 

Today and tomorrow communicating with passengers from A to B.

Onboard communicationwith targetted messaging. Linked to Apps, geofencing, instore mapping and location based advertising 

Commuter Type? ​

It's as diverse as people are and it's receptive... 

Commuters to work, education, tourist and seniors. 

Public transport is type resilient and will get more so as environmental practises and costs remove people from cars onto buses and trains.