About Us

What we do…

We enable every sized business, event or organisation to connect with thousands of BUS PASSENGERS everyday.

Our award winning onboard screens are geolocation based and work in realtime.

From products, promotions, events, recruitment and general good to knows. All can be shown onboard, with an average journey time between 15 - 45 minutes this is the perfect opportunity to connect with new customers, clients and the community.

Geolocation means we only play the Ads where you want them showing. Future focus will enable us to play Ads at a specific stop, which is the next level for integrating into mobile App promotions.


Connect to APPS and mobile content

Multiple platform advertising is the only way to go, especially in those hard to reach rural communities. Tie your onboard Ads into your social networks to get more people talking, buying and interacting with you in realtime.