Onboard Advertising

ScreenIT Media is committed to helping Operators & Advertisers communicate with commuters to grow their businesses with geo-targeted campaigns right in their own communities.

"Deliver your message and offers through a combination of animated images and video to create an effective campaign with OnBoard Ads. Link into your digital campaigns, social media and promotions to give yourself the opportunity to reach 'real local customers' on the move".


Video Content 

Realtime Ads, upload and play 


Linking commuters with brands, products or services and Operators with their passengers. Big, bold and bright adverts targeting commuters on their journey. 


Integrate this new opportunity into your digital campaign by linking Apps and website to onboard visuals which can be triggered in specific geolocation areas.

Creative Partners

If you don't have your own advertisements or promotions we can help.


We have partnerships with both media and creative agencies who will develop your individual ads or campaigns for you.

Any size, any scope. Integrated or stand alone our project managers will work with you to match you to the best team.